Air Ambulance Insurance Coverage

All fixed-wing air ambulance companies have similar forms of insurance reimbursement. Insurance companies have strict requirements regarding the conditions necessary to qualify for reimbursement. Following these simple steps can greatly reduce the out-of-pocket expense to the patient.

Step 1

Select an air ambulance company that is cost effective, has a variety of aircraft type, and is centrally located to the patient.

Step 2

Make sure the air ambulance company includes ground transportation into the final quote.

Step 3

Work with a case manager on your intent to transfer by air ambulance. Case managers can be an excellent resource.

Step 4

If possible, obtain a “Letter of Necessity” signed by the transferring physician. If this is a non-emergency transfer, call your insurance company to verify coverage. Insurance coverage is not the same for rotorcraft (helicopter) as it is for fixed-wing (airplanes).

Step 5

Contact your selected air ambulance company and let them know your intent to transfer so they can get started on the approval process with your insurance company.

Step 6

Wire transfers, certified checks, and credit cards are all used to help cover deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. Most insurance companies will not give a “guarantee of payment” to the providers; therefore a credit card backup is required for the entire amount.

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