Air Ambulance Cost Saving Tips

While researching multiple air ambulance companies, there are several things to be aware of. Follow these guidelines to find the lowest air ambulance cost that will best suit your medical transportation needs.

Tip 1

The price of any air ambulance trip is directly related to the location of that air ambulance provider.

Find out exactly where the air ambulance planes are located. The further it takes that provider to fly and come pick you up, the greater the price.

Tip 2

Beware of companies brokering trips. You can incur significantly higher and unnecessary costs if your trip is brokered.

Have the air ambulance company provide copies of their PART 135 license to fly.
Make sure there are real pictures of the actual airplanes on the air ambulance’s website.
Request the N-Number and check the ownership of the aircraft you will be flying in (

Tip 3

Watch out for nomadic charter companies.

Ask if the airplanes have a dedicated Mobile Intensive Care Unit. It is easy to book a trip with a charter business that is not a full-time air ambulance provider.

At Lifeguard Aeromed, our airplanes are full-time aero medical transport vehicles. This ensures that our personnel and equipment are reliable, consistent, and maintained to the highest of standards.

Tip 4

Find an air ambulance company with a variety of aircraft.

You want options!

The type of aircraft should reflect the patient’s needs. There are pros and cons to jets, turbo-props, and propeller driven aircraft. Do your research.

Ask about fuel stops, they can greatly increase the patient time en route.

Tip 5

Make sure the air ambulance company is state certified.

The Texas Department of Health requires that if the transferring city originates in Texas, the provider must be state certified. Why is this important? Using a non-accredited air ambulance company raises questions about the legitimacy of that company. Simply put, there is a reason they are not accredited.

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