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All of Lifeguard Aeromed’s aircraft are held on a Part 135 air carrier certificate and are individually certified as full-time Mobile Intensive Care Units.

Picking the right airplane is one of the most important choices for a patient that is in need of a long distance medical transfer. At Lifeguard Aeromed, we owned a Citation Jet for over 15 years of service. This Citation Jet was the workhorse of the air ambulance industry, but the cost to the patient ultimately outweighed the overall benefits. On average, the patient, family, or hospital would pay an additional 30-50% per trip to utilize the jet.

After much research it was decided that the most economically air ambulance solution was to host a family of fast twin engine aircraft. At Lifeguard Aeromed, we own and operate a Piper Seneca II, a Cessna 414, and a Cessna 421. Each airplane is fully dedicated to the air ambulance service line and fitted as an advanced Mobile Intensive Care Unit. Below is a brief overview of the airplanes available at Lifeguard Aeromed.

Cessna 421

Cessna 414

Seneca II

The Cessna 421 is the fastest and most comfortable of Lifeguard Aeromed’s fleet. The airplane is the most recent addition to the family and is also the most utilized aircraft. The Cessna 421 is known as the Golden Eagle and is powered by two 375 horsepower turbocharged engines. The Cessna 421 can fly a patient from Fort Worth, Texas to Austin in under 45 minutes.

– Cabin Class Twin Engine
– Seats Three + Patient
– Pressurized
– Weather Avoidance Technology
– 260+ MPH Cruise
– 30,000 Foot Service Ceiling
– Optional Charter Configuration




The Cessna 414 is the ideal mid-range aero medical vehicle. This specific class of airplane is one of the most commonly used air ambulances in the industry because of its dependability, spacious interior, and economic value. The airplane is configured with two Continental 310 horsepower engines. The Cessna 414 is capable of flying from Dallas/Fort Worth to Kansas City in less than 2 hours.

– Turbo-Charged Twin Engine
– Seats Three + Patient
– Pressurized
– Large Cabin
– Weather Avoidance Technology
– 30,000 Foot Service Ceiling
– 250+ MPH Cruise

The Seneca II is a short-range twin engine aircraft that is one of the most competitively priced air ambulances in the business. Since operations began in1981, Lifeguard Aeromed has flown thousands of air ambulance missions in the Seneca because of the specific niche that it fills in the marketplace. The Seneca is not only a cost-saver but it is an incredibly dependable aircraft that is complimented by speed, short-runway accessibility, and safety. Lifeguard Aeromed has further utilized the Seneca in multiple hurricane evacuations.

– Turbo-Charged Twin Engine
– Seats Two + Patient
– Short-Field Landing Capabilities
– Weather Avoidance Technology
– Economical
– 200+ MPH Cruise

Air Ambulance Equipment Includes:

FAA Approved Air Ambulance Stretcher
Emergency Drugs
Pulse Oximeter
Cardiac Monitors
Oropharyneal Airways
IV Pumps & Solutions
Blood Pressure Cuffs
Oxygen Supplies
Portable Suction Units
Intubations Equipment
Respirator / Ventilator
Bag-Valve Mask Resuscitators

When are Airplanes a better choice than a Helicopter?

Airplanes are the ideal choice for air ambulance when the patient is stable and needing to travel over 200 miles. Helicopters are optimal when there is an emergent trauma and needing to seek hospital attention immediately. The advantages of a fixed-wing air ambulance for long distance transfers are speed, cabin comfort, and cost.

Where is Lifeguard Aeromed’s Base of Operations?

Lifeguard Aeromed is based out of Fort Worth Meacham and is proud to call Texas home. Fort Worth is an excellent corridor for air ambulance trips due to a central proximity in the United States which allows for close access to major cities such as Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin.

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