Affordable Air Ambulance Services

Lifeguard Aeromed provides fixed-wing air ambulance flights throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. We are a dedicated provider that owns and operates our own airplanes. Our mission is to provide superior patient care at the best price possible.

Critical Care Transfers

Lifeguard Aeromed specializes in long-distance transfers of critically ill patients during times of crisis and emergency. When a patient needs to get somewhere fast, an air ambulance company will be the best option. Depending on the patient’s specific medical conditions, Lifeguard Aeromed has highly skilled flight nurses, paramedics, and respiratory therapists to respond to the patient’s needs.

Medical Evacuations

If you, a family member, or patients are seeking evacuation to a destination with a higher level of care, give us a call. Examples of this could include: coming back from Mexico to the United States, a snow skiing accident, or simply a patient coming from a city that does not provide the appropriate level of care.

Organ Donor Flights

Fixed-wing air ambulance companies are often used in organ donor transfers because of their time sensitive nature. Recognizably, being part of this process can be exciting and emotional. As a patient, you want to be confident that you can get where you need to go with time to spare. At a moments notice, Lifeguard Aeromed can transfer the recipient or organ to the destination city.

Hospice Care

Hospice transfers can be one of the more emotional services provided by any air ambulance company.  Lifeguard Aeromed has completed thousands of hospice transfers and wants to make the challenge of transferring a loved one as easy and seamless as possible.

Disaster Relief Programs

Lifeguard Aeromed has established a complete Disaster Response program working with both FEMA and State EMS services. During a disaster situation, Lifeguard utilizes a self-supported mobile command post, mobile intensive care units, mobile crew quarters and ground support. Lifeguard is completely self-contained with satellite communications, weather and nexrad radar for remote locations such as hurricanes or other natural disaster situations.

Airline Medical Escort Services

Medical escort services offer a cost effective alternative to air ambulance flights for the medically stable patient. Lifeguard Aeromed can arrange to have a medical attendant escort a patient on a commercial airline to the destination city.  These services include global transfers, where a private jet often becomes substantially more expensive.

Aircraft Charter

While not our core business, Lifeguard Aeromed does charter aircraft at a competitive rate. Having on demand access to multiple aircraft types can come in handy when needing to get somewhere in a pinch. All three of Lifeguard Aeromed’s aircraft are operated under airline standards and based out of Fort Worth, Texas.

Pediatric Services

Lifeguard Aeromed has a long history of serving multiple patient types, and we take pride in helping the pediatric population. We ensure that all pediatric transports have a best-in-class medical team and we tailor the services to the individual needs of the patients. Pediatric Short Bowel Syndrome is an example of a popular pediatric medical transfer at Lifeguard Aeromed.

Empty Leg Transfers

One of the most cost effective ways to travel is to capitalize on the empty leg of a flight. Once a patient is dropped off at their final destination, we fly back to Fort Worth, Texas. If the medical mission is complete, you can capture massive savings on a trip during the empty leg. In the industry this empty leg is often referred to as a backhaul.

Bill Scott, founder of Lifeguard Aeromed Inc., started Lifeguard Air Ambulance in 1981 in an effort to combine his love for both aviation and medicine.

After a yearlong research project over a 5-state region, it was determined that there was a specific need for a fixed-wing air ambulance company in the state of Texas due to its central location and proximity to multiple medical institutions. Fort Worth Meacham was established as the home of Lifeguard Aeromed and remains the primary base of operations. In 1997, Lifeguard Air Ambulance became incorporated, prompting the name change to Lifeguard Aeromed, Inc. As the company evolved, so did the air ambulance industry. Stricter federal regulations, more stringent insurance requirements, and challenges in the healthcare climate have made the aero medical industry a small and nimble group of air ambulance providers. Lifeguard Aeromed has worked closely with the Texas Department of Health and the FAA to ensure that the company meets the highest degree of quality assurance for each patient and customer. Over the last 30 years, Lifeguard Aeromed has progressed into the various airplane types that you see today. From the Seneca to the Citation, Lifeguard Aeromed has built the company around the flexibility and customization required by a diverse patient population. The company has grown to include international flights serving Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Lifeguard Aeromed still prides itself on being a family owned and operated business. Bill and Pat Scott remain the principal owners, with both children working on the sales and marketing side of the company. While Lifeguard Aeromed currently employs anywhere from 30-50 people, it is not uncommon to find one of the owners working directly on a flight as they still have a passion and love for what they do. Bill Scott autograph

Why choose us for your air medical transfer?

Lifeguard Aeromed provides complete bedside-to-bedside care to ensure the most efficient aero medical transfer possible. Our dispatch center is available 24 hours a day, with the goal of providing uninterrupted service and a seamless transition for both patients and providers. Whether you are a case manager, social worker, doctor, or concerned family member, Lifeguard Aeromed will work directly with you to ensure a safe and cost effective flight.

Lifeguard Aeromed operates a variety of aircraft to meet the demands and desires of multiple patient types. All of the aircraft operate under an FAA Part 135 certificate, which ensures they are maintained to commercial airline standards. Each aircraft has state-of-the-art medical equipment and is individually fitted as a Mobile Intensive Care Unit certified by the Texas Department of Health.

Each air ambulance transfer will be customized to include the appropriate healthcare professional for your specific patient type. Lifeguard Aeromed trains and employs highly skilled medical staff that includes doctors, flight nurses, critical care paramedics, and respiratory therapists. Upon take-off, Lifeguard Aeromed will keep you constantly updated as to the status of the flight and patient’s condition.

As a family owned business, Lifeguard Aeromed understands the value and importance of taking care of your patients and loved ones. We strive to be a leader in the industry for customer care and we look forward to working with you.

What to expect from an Air Ambulance company

Constant Communication
This can be an emotional time for anyone that requires a medical transfer. You can expect that we will be in constant communication to keep you well informed of the status of your trip and to answer any questions you may need. A direct conversation with the owner, pilot, medic, or nurse is only a phone call away. Even if you decide not to use Lifeguard Aeromed, we take pride in educating the customer on the best options available.

Bedside-to-Bedside Care
Our quotes include complete bedside-to-bedside care for medical transfers. What this means is that the grounds transportation is coordinated from pickup to delivery. Rest assured that we do not mark up the ground transportation, we simply take care of the logistics to make it easier on the customer.

Customers are often not aware of the dramatic difference in price between one aircraft to the next. Understand that you always have options! At Lifeguard Aeromed we offer three different airplanes types for the variability of flying long distances, having speed options, or to provide more cost effective solutions. Always ask the provider: What is the time en route, is there a fuel stop, what medical personnel are onboard, are they a brokering the trip or are they the operators of the air ambulance, and what is the cost.

In-Flight Mobile Intensive Care Unit
A major watch-out in the industry are charter companies acting as air ambulances. We recommend doing your homework and making sure that each airplane is certified with their local state agencies as a MICU (mobile intensive care unit). The airplane should look and feel like the back of a ground ambulance. This can make the difference in having the proper equipment, certified stretchers, drugs, routine maintenance, and trained staff.

Specialized Team
At Lifeguard Aeromed, our medical team consist of highly trained ALS Paramedics, ICU Registered Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, and Physicians. A majority of our pilots come from military and commercial airlines. All flight crew report directly to the Chief Pilot to assure the safety and comfort of everyone onboard.

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